About Us Wild Creative Girls


The Gilded Gypsies was created to share my love of the Gilded Age, international travel and collecting antique treasures. I created this company and website in order to be able to offer other creative people, like you,  special souvenirs, unique collectibles and one of a kind creations. When I travel to Europe I try to bring back pieces to share so that even if you can't go there yourself you can have an authentic piece that takes you there vicariously. It is a way of incorporating history and beauty into your own space.

As an artist I know what many creative people are looking for to include in their own jewelry or clothing creations.  I hope that shows in the pieces I offer because I have my fellow artists and creators in mind as I shop the flea markets of Europe and the back roads of the USA. Think of me as your personal globe-trotting shopper.

I travel to France once a year in the fall, so if you have special requests please let me know. As publisher and editor in chief of Evoke Magazine I also have a large collection of antique and European props which have been collected over the years. If you have a particular item in mind, please let me know as I might even have it already or know where to find it.

If you've read this far you may wonder why I have such a diverse set of collections and products. I think all of us creative souls have very broad interests and we get bored easily once we've mastered one area. We are always looking for the next creative pursuit and challenge. People tell me I need to focus. That's not as much fun as exploring all that life has to offer. I've decided it's okay to be eccentric and different. Our tribe is more fun than some of the others and we know how to enjoy life to the fullest! So join me in celebrating joie d' vivre. It's time to drink champagne and dance on the tables my friends!